以下、Next Big Pivot 代表理事の梶川三枝よりお悔やみの言葉をお伝え申し上げます。


また、日本バスケットボール界の統合に尽力してくださったことには、心から感謝しています。Next Big Pivotは、日本バスケットボール界の歴史的統合を機に、これまでいただいたグローバルバスケットボール界での経験を未来に伝えるために設立した団体です。彼が動いてくださらなければ、日本バスケットボール界は統合されないまま、この団体も存在していなかったかもしれません。

長年のメンターであり、バスケットボール界の発展を願う同志でもあり、また時に兄のように支えてくださったバウマン氏をこのような形で突然失うことは、計り知れない悲しみですが、彼が与えてくださった勇気を未来につなげるため、今後もNext Big Pivotの活動や私にできることを彼の分も継続していきたいと思います。


一般社団法人 Next Big Pivot
代表理事 梶川三枝


[Next Big Pivot condolences on the passing of FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann]

It is with deepest sadness that Next Big Pivot learned of the sudden and unexpected passing of Patrick Baumann, Secretary General of FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, during the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Patrick was a longtime mentor of mine, and without his support I would not have been able to come thus far. I have been proud of him leading the global sports communities with innovative vision and courageous actions. Especially I sincerely appreciate his contribution to Japanese basketball which was successfully integrated in 2015 thanks to the FIBA Task Force, in which he tremendously invested his efforts.” said Next Big Pivot Founder Mie Kajikawa.

“I established Next Big Pivot on the occasion of the historical integration of Japanese basketball in order to empower young people in Japan as he has generously done for me, and to help Japanese basketball so we can create the future of basketball together with him, in return for what he has done for my country.

Not only was I immensely saddened personally, but also it is a significant loss for global sports. But I strongly believe that his integrity will continue to lead us, and on behalf of Next Big Pivot I promise to pass his legacy onto the future. He is our future, not the past.”

All our thoughts are with his family and friends, and Next Big Pivot sends our sincerest condolences to FIBA and global sports.

FIBA Press Release: